What Is The Future Of Artificial Intelligence?

While artificial intelligence is not a new concept, it has been exploding in popularity in recent years thanks to improvements in hardware that have made it easier to implement. In the past, AI was highly limited due to low processing power and expensive storage costs. Now, it’s cheaper than ever before to store large amounts of data for artificial intelligence programs to access and analyze. You may even be surprised to find out that the “person” you are chatting with in customer service situations may actually be a conversational ai.

Computer scientist Alan Turing was one of the first people to bring up the concept to the world. He developed what became known as the Turing Test back in 1950 which was a way to test the distinguishability of a computer’s intelligence to that of humans. If a person communicating with a computer through text cannot determine if they are talking to a human or computer, the system is said to have passed the test and is seen as intelligent. The topic of AI passing the Turing Test has been featured in pop culture quite frequently and was discussed in depth during the television series known as Westworld.

Artificial intelligence first began being studied in the 1950s, but it wasn’t until several decades later that the concept began to gain a lot of traction in the 2000s after neural networks began gaining traction. Some of the breakthroughs that occurred during this time frame included voice recognition, natural language processing, and computer vision. For the first time in history, AI began being applied in many different ways. In fact, you may not even realize just how much AI has impacted your life. Everything from show recommendations on Netflix to self-driving cars from Tesla uses artificial intelligence.

Over time, we will continue to discover more uses for artificial intelligence and many people are concerned about making sure that it is used in a responsible manner that will help mankind overall. A lot of big names in technology such as Elon Musk have expressed concern about the potential negative outcomes that could happen with AI, which is why it’s important to make sure that it is being applied responsibly. There are even concerns that artificial intelligence could lead to the extinction of humans. Fortunately, there are organizations that are dedicated to the responsible use of artificial intelligence throughout the world.

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion concerning the use of artificial intelligence in war. The Pentagon is offering a several billion dollar contract for a project known as JEDI. JEDI stands for Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure. Initially, Google had shown interest in the project but decided that they didn’t know if it aligned with their own principals when it comes to artificial intelligence. In addition, several employees from Microsoft have come out in protest of the contract being offered by the United States’ government. AI is growing exponentially and many people have ethical concerns with how different organizations are applying it.