Will Robots Become The New Workers

Walmart has recently announced that shoppers will be noticing some new additions in stores. Self-checkout started an uproar with those believing these self-checkouts would soon swipe out the need for a cashier. But Walmart has plans of taking things a step even further with the development and addition of robots. These new robots are designed to do the same predictable manual tasks that are normally done by Walmart employees.

Walmart stores will feature these robots doing various tasks. They will be instrumental in the entire inventory management chain of the company. These robots may assist human workers, essentially making the job much easier for people. Tracking boxes and scanning for inventory on the shelf will be some of the prominent tasks of these robots. Walmart is not alone in adding robots to their workforce. Amazon has also being used artificial intelligence in their facilities. Some of their employees work side by side with robots. Robots are joining the workforce just like a human being.

Automation is happening. Automation is real. Automation will affect the lives of so many people. Automation will surely become the new workforce displaying millions of people out of work. Nearly thirty-five million Americans have a great chance to lose their jobs to automation. Nearly seven percent of tasks done by humans will soon be able to be done by robots. Retail workers are not the only workers that make up this population of workers. Automation is set to replace the jobs of cooks, waiters and other food service workers. Truck drivers and clerical workers also face the risk of automation replacing their jobs.

Things like AWS cloud consulting utah and many other applications and companies are making it possible for the creation of the software and machinery to form these robots. These robots are made intentionally to mimic that of humans. The rise of technology is affording companies the option to deploy robots in their workforce than actual people. A question of ethics comes up about robots doing jobs that traditionally people have done. People wonder what will become of the world if people are not working and earning a living. Others argue that these robots will mainly take over low skill jobs that people tend not to care to do anyway. Companies enjoy how robots cut back on payroll which means they see higher profits. Regardless, the world must prepare for automation. Because automation is surely here, and the way people work and the types of jobs for people will eventually only be available to robots.

From drone delivery to robotic workers to autonomous vehicles, robots are here because of the technology that now exists to create them. Whether if robots will boot humans out of their jobs or not is still a question to be asked. But it is certain that robotic machinery will change the face of major corporations like Amazon and Walmart. Prepare to start seeing robots soon scanning price tags and helping with boxes in your local Walmart.