Windows-Based Nanopositioner Software for Sale Overview

nPControl is a Windows-based application makes nanopositioner control easier than before. The graphic controls allow for alterations to the parameters, step-response verification, and activation of advanced control modes. Control loop tuning, waveform generation, digital I/O, trajectory generation, and raster scanning are all features simplified by this software. By promoting flexibility, the application proves to be a more than worthy innovation with high tech programming that is opportune for users in search of more simplified nanopositioning control.

Control Loop Tuning
The flexibility of the Control Loop Tuning window allows for the nanopositioning system to be utilized with a myriad of compatible applications due to the development of adjustable control parameters. These make it convenient when it comes to accessing features like load, which can be adjusted. Also, it makes tracking easier since it minimizes the amount of errors while using the system.

Digital Waveform Generator
Similarly, the Digital Waveform Generator is used to generate recurrent motion at a stage’s set axis, which can then be selected for each channel. Waveforms that are defined by users can also be uploaded, promoting more flexibility and independence when it comes to creativity and learning. With the application of the High Res Recording Tab, the user can record up to two seconds of high resolution data, the equivalent of over 80,000 data points. An example of this process is shown below.
(Waveform Generation Diagram)

Digital I/O Interface
Digital I/O sets the position of a piezo stage while the sensor reading is monitored. The 400 series controllers access the features of digital I/O by the 9-pin D-sub connector. The user can program up to four digital I/O configurations in the application.

Trajectory Generation Interface
Trajectory Generation allows for the user to set up to 500 position coordinates. These coordinates are then defined with velocity and dwell time. This leads to more precise monitoring and calculations as the user is able to access more mathematics-based data.

Raster Scanning Interface
Raster Scanning gives the user access to raster pattern definitions with up to three axes to define them with. TTL, a widely used technology for the production of integrated circuits, helps synchronize data acquisition. As shown in the following image, the pixel, line, and frame axes can be adjusted by step size, counts, dwell time, and TTL Holdoff. These features add onto the precision of the calculations and tracking through specific adjustments in the application.
(Raster Scanning Example)

Why nPControl is For You
The Windows-Based nanopositioner software for sale, commonly known as nPControl, is beneficial in the fact that it allows for easier tracking, modification, and digital I/O, raster, and trajectory generation interfaces. Its flexibility and high-resolution tracking and recording makes it the exemplary application for an innovative field of study such as microscopy. Its nanometer precision is superb, as the nPControl was designed to overcome the rigidity of such devices used in the semiconductor industry.