Marketing Campaign for Integrating and Working ManyChats with Chatbots

Consumers are always looking for a better and the best shopping experience online. This will only happen, if one can find good brands from reliable shops. Actually, you can easily find them because the business owners will usually invest on various digital marketing strategies and campaigns. However, these must be effective enough to attract and encourage viewers. Now, if you would like to ensure about the effectiveness of these methods, then hire a marketing specialist with IT expertise. This expert must be equipped with fresh and better ideas to use against the rivals in the industry.

Well, if you want to have an idea about how and where to find these skilled individuals, then you better visit Here, you will find out that one of the methods used in e-commerce today is a chatbot that integrates with messaging apps. Through various tools like ManyChat, automated conversations will be used for the machines to understand the users. Well, such things may be quite complicated for a usual businessman. That’s why expertise are needed to achieve your marketing goals and for your brand to reach more target viewers.

Chatbot marketing is, indeed, an ideal way to connect to your consumers, increase sales or production and promote your brand. This tool is used because this is the best method to protect your relationship with the customers. Through the automated messages, you are showing the viewers their value. It is true that they are just going to talk to an AI-powered technology, but this platform makes the viewers at ease. They are used to messaging apps, that’s why interacting with a bot is very much acceptable. Now, what are these bot marketing campaigns and how is it helpful?

User-Friendly Interface

Remember that your viewers are used to browsing products and services in a static way. They just keep on clicking and scrolling from one page to another. Indeed, it’s kind of boring because there is actually no live interaction and lacks engagement. This type of setting is what you need to change by using automated machines in the form of messaging applications. You are going to use the bots and integrate it with ManyChat to complete the process.

You should know that your visitors are also used to messaging apps for communication purposes. I supposed, you already know how it is. Now, you have to make sure that your platform works exactly like how a user communicates with a friend or contact. Do not make things complicated because you are promoting your brand. Do it with an approach that would be very convenient for the users by guiding them all the way to a new and fresh innovative experience.

Using Promotional Tools

When it comes to marketing strategies, you should be able to use the right tools and ways for this campaign to be effective. Check on the platforms that would be very comfortable for your subscribers. If the flow builder of ManyChat suits well for the automated tasks, then the interface would be smooth. When this happens, it would be very accessible to the users.

Make sure that your catalogs will also work fine with various messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, We Chat, Slack, Twitter and Skype. Your target viewers are usually using these applications on their smartphones. So, for your first campaign, you may try to integrate the ManyChat with your messenger and start promoting your brand there.

Building a Landing Page

Well, this is a page, where you may showcase your products and services. Let’s say that you are just a beginner in the online business. However, you already have an official website to list your products. Now, you have to use this existing website as a landing page for the users.

Aside from that, it is also important to features as well as the purpose of your chatbot on this landing page. It would be a great, if you can also provide some tutorials on how to use this automated system for the target viewers to be familiarized. You may actually use the Contact link or button to start using the bot.

Using the Facebook Plugins

When it comes to social media channels, the most popular platform used is Facebook. Everybody is using this app for communication and business purposes. That’s why only those who are not interested in today’s technology would not know how it works.

Anyway, you can find plugins in Facebook, and you may add this to your landing page or website. These plugins include the Message Us and the Send to Messenger features. Through these plugins, the visitor will be directed to the messenger or immediately start a conversation on the page, where they will be able to experience, chatting with the bot.

No other user information is needed when directly chatting on the website. However, if you prefer to start the conversation using your messenger, necessary user account details are required. Through this way, the bots can collect data like emails, where you can send messages or attachments to promote your brand. Look at this for further reading in the chat plugin.

Providing Relevant Content

One of the campaigns that may catch the attention of your target readers, is to provide a content that would be relevant to them. For example, since you are promoting the use of chatbots as well as ManyChat, then you may provide a content about its functions, features, purposes and advantages. Anything that is interesting for them may be posted. However, it must not be purely text. You may also add some photos, videos and other interactive elements. New things may be posted as well.

And then, you may also use this as an opportunity for users to share your content and your page, too. Remember that this content is on your website, which means that visitors may come from various links that was shared from different visitors. Through this, you are generating traffic and promoting your brand as well because they can get to your products or category page.