5 Reasons to Get iPhone Insurance

5 Reasons to Get iPhone Insurance

Do you have an iPhone? If you do, I’m pretty sure you just enjoy this little gadget that has about one thousand uses and cannot imagine life without it anymore. That stands for me too. But accidents can happen every day, your iPhone might just slip off from your hand and break, you can lose it or may be the target of a pickpocket. That’s why it’s best to have iPhone insurance.

Anyway, if you’re still undecided whether to get iPhone insurance or not, here are 5 positive reasons for it.

1. It’s far from being expensive. For a couple of bucks every month, it really is worth to have your expensive iPhone insured. This way, you won’t have to wear your imaginary gloves whenever you speak on your iPhone, you won’t have to be extra careful at the coffee shop, at the restaurant or anywhere you can spill something on it.

2. Insuring your iPhone is really not a very difficult procedure. It’s a no-brainer, really. You can complete this task online, in just a few steps, with only a few mouse clicks. The whole process won’t take long, you’ll have your iPhone insurance in matter of minutes.

3. Your iPhone will be covered in case of accidental damage, this also including liquid spills, and also loss and theft. For this instance, your phone will usually be replaced with a new one, in the shortest time possible, usually in about 2 days. Also, if your warranty has expired, your insurance will also cover internal malfunctions. In this case, your phone will be repaired, the damaged components inside it replaced in the shortest time possible. I want to add here that when this happened to me, I received my iPhone back, fully functional after 5 days, without paying anything, of course.

4. In case of theft, insurance for iPhone also covers the unauthorized calls that the one who stole your phone may make. Without insurance, this may cost you a lot of your money.

5. Lastly, depending on the iPhone insurance policy that you choose, the insurance company, or the given time, you will get nice bonuses. For example, when I got my iPhone 4 insured, I got a bonus of only half a price for the payment of the first 3 months. I know, it wasn’t a huge discount, just 6 dollars, but hey, any discount is always welcome.

I think these reasons are enough for anyone to get their 400-500A� iPhone covered. Also, getting iPhone 5 insurance, in case you want to get one of the new, luxurious models is quite a good idea.