Before You Buy A Laptop

Before You Buy A Laptop

An IT store seems to have a world of its own inside it. Initially, you could only purchase new stuff from there. Similarly, these stores mainly specialized in selling computers. However, today they also provide iPod parts and iPhone replacement screen. Other than these gadgets and gizmos, you also get to find a whole range of laptops and notebooks.

Being a portable device, it is very useful for people belonging to different sectors. Ranging from college students and housewives, to different business professionals, it is everyone’s need. If you too are thinking of buying one, make sure you know some of the basic tips before buying it.

Choose a store that is reputable and reliable. It is a good idea to consult a friend or family member who has recently bought a laptop. If you do not know where to find such a store, take recommendations from the people around you.

Select a laptop that is strong and solid, but not too heavy. Do not always go for the most attractive outer appearance. Choose the one that fits your needs and is easy to handle and carry.

Inside the device, you primarily need to check the pointing device. This includes track pad, track ball or any other alternatives for a mouse. If it is the first time you are going to operate a laptop, you will not master at these pointing devices at once.

Many of them also have an option of connecting an external mouse. You can use it until you are perfect with handling the built-in pointing device.

Next, check the keyboard. This holds a lot of importance because you cannot replace the keyboard. Therefore, it is better to check it for any flaws. A good keyboard is responsive and comfortable to touch. You can take it to a desk for testing it. After you do that, you should also place it on your lap and test it.

Screen size and resolution need a lot of attention. Make sure that the LCD measures from 13 to 21 inches diagonally. As for resolution, it can be as high as 1600?�1200 or as low as 800?�600 pixels, the more pixels, better resolution. Ultimately, this means a better image.

It is a good idea to check the screen in different lights and different settings. A screen might look perfect in normal room lighting however; it may not look as great in dim or bright light.

A laptop with at least two USB 2 connections is a great choice. Moreover, it should also have at least one Fire wire (IEEE 1394) connection. This is helpful when you are connecting iPods, digital cameras, phones and other devices.

Built-in wireless features are also important. You must make sure that the laptop contains a wireless network card (Wi-Fi) and Bluetooth capability. This is very helpful in data transfer and Internet accessibility.

Other important features are a CD burner and an anti-theft device. With a CD burner, it is easier to make backups for documents and music files. As for an anti-theft device, you can have a better security of your laptop.

When you enter an IT store to buy a laptop, make sure that you put a check against each of the aforementioned points to get a better buy.