How to Make Windows 7 Run Fast – A Trick That Computer Technicians Use to Boost PC Speed in Minutes

How to Make Windows 7 Run Fast – A Trick That Computer Technicians Use to Boost PC Speed in Minutes

Even though Windows 7 is the latest operating system to come from Microsoft, many people are still reporting how slowly their new 7 PC is running. This problem has been with computers for many years and is still a major issue today. Fortunately, it’s a problem which is actually very easy to solve in this version of Windows, thanks to a simple trick.

The way to fix any slow PC is to cure the problems that make it run slow in the first place. Windows has been designed to run as smoothly and effectively as possible in any circumstance – and the only reason why it runs slow is because your PC has problems such as errors or damaged system files. This means that in order to fix this problem, you need to be able to fix the issues that make your Windows 7 PC run slow.

The ‘trick’ that most computer technicians use is actually very simple, and revolves around the “registry” of Windows. The registry is basically a database which stores information and settings for your computer, and is where your PC stores information such as your latest emails, desktop wallpaper and even your screen resolution for your PC. Unfortunately, the registry database is prone to becoming damaged and corrupted, making Windows unable to read the files it needs from it. And because Windows requires 100’s of registry files each time you use your system, this problem causes your PC to run slower and slower as it has to read the files it needs.

The issue of a corrupt & damaged registry is the main cause of Windows 7 running slow. And as you use your PC, more and more registry settings are becoming corrupt & damaged… making Windows run slower. It’s like a vicious circle which eventually ends in your system being extremely difficult to use. In order to make Windows 7 run fast, the first thing that most computer technicians do is to clean out the registry database to make sure that it has no corrupt or damaged settings inside. To do this, you should open up a ” registry cleaner” program which you can download from the Internet, and let it can your PC.

The trick is to first download & run a registry cleaner tool to clean out any of the damaged or corrupted settings that Windows 7 has inside it. These software programs scan through your system and remove any of the damaged or corrupt settings that your PC has slowing it down, allowing Windows to run smoother and more reliably. Getting a good registry cleaner – which can remove the largest number of registry errors from your system – can actually make your PC run like new. New PCs don’t have any corrupt or damaged registry settings to slow them down, so if you can use this trick to remove the largest number of registry settings, you could boost your PC speed dramatically.