How To Speed Up Windows 7 – A Trick That Experts Use

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How To Speed Up Windows 7 – A Trick That Experts Use

The way to speed up Windows 7 is to basically fix any of the problems which will be causing it to run slower than normal. Not many people know this, but Windows computers do not run slower because their hardware is “out of date” – that’s a myth. The real reason why Windows 7 runs slower is because many of its settings & options will often become damaged, preventing your PC from correctly being able to process them as quickly as possible. The good news here is that if you want to make your system faster, there’s a simple “trick” that most computer experts will use to fix your system.

The “trick” to speed up your Windows 7 system is to fix any registry errors that it may have. The registry is a central directory of important files & settings which basically allows Windows to “remember” a lot of the settings that it will use to run, and is best described as being like the Yellow Pages of your computer. The registry is where Windows 7 will store everything from your desktop wallpaper to your most recent emails, meaning that it’s essential your computer is able to read all the files it requires from this part of your system in order to help it run smoothly.

The reason why computers generally run slower is because the registry is damaged or corrupted. The best way to describe this is like having a library of information for your computer. The registry has 1,000’s of files (the books), which are all stored in specific parts of the database. Unfortunately, the registry is used so much that it’s continually having many of its books moved around the database, preventing Windows from being able to quickly locate nor open the settings it requires to run. This problem is a major issue for all Windows PCs, and is the *real reason* why systems will run slower with time, not because your PC will have some sort of hardware issue.

The way to fix the Windows 7 problems that your computer may have is to scan the registry with a registry cleaner. These are software programs which have been specifically designed to fix any of the potential problems that the registry database may have – allowing your computer to run much smoother & more effectively again. You can download these programs from the Internet – you should install a reliable one and let it scan through your system – fixing any of the problems that it may have. This should boost the speed of Windows 7 dramatically.