Master Your Project Management Skills with Microsoft Training

What is Microsoft Project 2016?

The Microsoft Project 2016 comes with a set of improvements and new concepts that make it as a productive tool in improving the abilities of the user to manage projects. It is a project management tool which is developed and maintained by Microsoft. This tool is mainly designed to help a project manager in developing a project plan, tacking the process, allocating resources to tasks, analyzing the workloads and managing the budget. The introduction to Microsoft project 2016 course provides a basic knowledge of Microsoft project 2016.

Microsoft project 2016 is a windows-based application and it is one of the leading PC-based project management applications. It creates budgets by using assignment work and resource rates. It is used to assess the cost that is equal to the work time. It allows resource sharing between projects through the help of a shared resource pool. It generates critical path schedules, and event chain methodology and critical chain methodology. It also identifies various types of users. Such users have access to projects, data and views.

By taking this project management workshop, participants will learn how to start and handle a new plan, organize, build and link task, create basic reports, assign resources and create projects separately. This makes participants an expert in the best practices of project management. In addition to this, participants will also learn about controlling this tool for the success of the project.

What will participants learn?

The concepts of project such as

  • Project Components
  • Identify Project Management Concepts
  • Starting Project
  • The Ribbon
  • The Backstage View
  • The Quick Access Toolbar
  • Project Calendar Start Date
    • Setting Project to Auto Schedule New Tasks
    • Setting the Start Date
  • Creating a Project Calendar
    • Custom Project Calendars
    • Connecting a Calendar to a Project
  • Creating and organizing Tasks
    • Creating a Task
    • Entering Durations
    • Scheduling Tasks
    • Milestone Tasks
    • Linking Tasks
    • Adding Notes to Tasks

Similarly, participants will

  • Learn about the innovative tools and features of latest edition of Microsoft Project 2016
  • Learn how to create and run a project with Microsoft Project 2016
  • Learn the concepts of Project Management
  • Learn about the interface of Microsoft Project 2016
  • Learn how to begin a new plan, build task lists, and assign resources
  • Stay on project schedule by mastering the use of project calendar
  • Learn how project progress and plans can be shared among resources
  • Learn to use views and reports to visualize and track project schedules

Who can learn MS Project 2016?

  • Microsoft Project 2016 is learned by professionals and students those who want to know the concepts of project management
  • By professionals those who are in charge for creating and maintaining project plans
  • By professionals those who already learn previous versions of MS Project
  • Resource managers will find the new end-to-end experience for managing and optimizing resource utilization particularly useful
  • And by anyone those who want to learn Microsoft Project 2016