Private Equity Database Due Diligence

Private Equity Database Due Diligence

Assessing the quality and professional standing of any private equity firm database or directory is important before deciding upon which one you should choose to invest in.A� The following article is a “must have” checklist for determining which PE firm database you should buy.

Is it professional?A� Visit the website and determine the quality of the product being presented.A� Does the website provide a list of the information categories contained within the database?A� Do they post testimonials or feedback from customers?A� How is their customer service?A� By reviewing the company’s website and reading reviews and samples of the product, you can begin to discern the professionalism of both the company and the product.

Is it extensive?A� Most professional directories will offer samples and video overviews of the product in which you are interested in.A� Assess the depth and quality of the content being offered through the database.

Is the information current?A� In our current economy, the turnover rate for personnel within business organizations has dramatically increased.A� With this being said, a product which is focused on providing contact information for businesses and their key personnel, it is paramount that the information is current and up-to-date.A� Trusted websites will post the most recent release with the most recent update to the information as well.

Continuing service?A� In addition to the previous items, it is important to determine whether the company which offers the database provides any guarantees or continuing service.A� Premium database companies are confident in the information being sold, and will often give a guarantee or refund policy if you find the information to be outdated or incorrect.A� In addition, some companies will offer subsequent updates on new releases as bonus offer for when you purchase the database.

By following the previous items, you will be able to ascertain the quality of the product and organization in order to determine which private equity database or directory is right for you.