Remote Database Administration Saves Time and Money

Remote Database Administration Saves Time and Money

Database management is an important aspect of information technology in today’s business world. Not having a database administrator (DBA) to oversee the functionality of a company’s databases puts it at risk to lose a lot of valuable information, time and money by not having your data infrastructure properly set up and maintained. This is especially true with complex database software like Oracle. With the current advances in technology, remote database administration is not difficult. This can save a business a lot of money and frustration on trying to find the right person for the job or if a full time person can’t be justified getting the right resources at a reasonable price.

The money saved from remote database administration comes from a few different venues. Application periods, reviewing resumes and the man hours of human resources all require time and money. That is time that could be better spent being put back into the business along with the money saved. In addition, licensing for software can get fairly expensive when companies are in the deeper commercial and industrial sectors. The cost depends on the software involved and size of the company. Not only that, but the DBA that is hired will have to be put on payroll and given the benefits package offered.

This is where remote database administration starts saving a business money. Each business has their own core competency. Remote database services are specifically geared to providing that support. Their costs are already figured into their normal business plan. By utilizing a remote administrator, one is taking advantage of the personnel they have already screened and have on staff for their services. No need to pay for software licensing, benefits, screen applicants or deal with leave and personality issues. A client can typically enjoy the service for the length of their contract period. If a business does not require an administrator after a time, there is no need to fire or lay anyone off. Instead, one can simply not renew their services with the company, especially if that company offers the service on a month to month basis.

Some business owners worry about not having control over a remote operation. This is understandable, but is an unfounded fear. A good administration company will offer non-disclosure provisions, round-the-clock support, and complete transparency in their operations for their clients. It is not uncommon for full reports on activities to be regularly issued so a business owner can be assured of the effectiveness of their decision.

Remote database administration is the technology of today and tomorrow. Customers can have the flexibility and save money that a remote DBA can offer. This can be a practical solution to the database needs of small business through large industry.