Text Messaging Is Transforming the Hiring Process

Human Resource (HR) departments have an easy time during the hiring process since the onset of text messages. Recruiting text message makes it easier for HR to keep in touch with interviewees during the assessment period and inform them of their application status. Additionally, text recruitment helps cut off corrupt deals made by middlemen involved in conventional recruiting approaches. Therefore, job applicants remain confident that the recruitment process will remain fair. The use of text messages to hiring workers, apart from reforming the recruitment process, is essential in identifying great talents faster and efficiently.

Viable Text Messaging Routines

Studies show that over 70% of job seekers prefer to receive tag-along job opportunity adverts through text and a large number of applicants regard feedback and text recruiting messages satisfactory. Therefore, it is appropriate for recruiters to give in to texting as a leading tool to hire potential employees. However, other applicants may develop a negative attitude towards a company when there is no proper messaging protocol considered and, at times, may feel the messages are invasive. It is essential to consider the following practices;

Consent from Job Seekers

Before considering anything else about text messaging, it is necessary to first get permission from the recipients. During or before the interview process, the recruiters can make it clear to the job candidates how regular they will receive text messages.


Recruiters need to consider proper timing when it comes to text messaging to attain the intended results. Most candidates anticipating recruitment often consider job messages out of business hours unethical and will not pay attention to them unless the company runs its operations 24/7.


Job seeking is a brawl, and applicants of these jobs face stressful and anxious moments. Therefore, it is suitable to craft  recruiting text messages that are short and precise.

Subscription Options

It is crucial to make the job candidates unsubscribe to messages sent when they are no longer interested. This stop option observes the Anti-Spam regulations and also aids in identifying the applicants who are interested in the job. As a recruiter, it is convenient to monitor both subscribers and unsubscribes to manage and improve message recruitment. Therefore, using automated systems and smart networking is fundamental.

Tailoring Text Messages

As easy as it might sound, creating short and straightforward recruitment messages might prove formidable. However, this process is alleviated when the recruiter considers the use of existing technologies to automate text messages. With text message automation, the recruiter only needs to create a customizable text template that can serve similar purposes, one which will allow for changes if required. Additionally, making this system of automated texts will enable the recruiter to gauge the recruitment efforts and eliminate options that do not seem to work.

Recruiters have no option but to embrace text messaging to speed up and hire worthy candidates for the job. Also, when it comes to return on investment, text messaging through automated systems gives recruiters incites on how to come up with message templates that convert.