The Best Registry Tool For XP

The Best Registry Tool For XP

Registry cleaners are software tools that scan through an important part of Windows and then remove any errors or invalid files that are in there. They scan through the registry, which is a database that XP relies on to keep all your settings and personalized details stored, even if your computer is turned off and on again. This database has played a central role in the Windows operating system since 1998, but it’s always causing trouble.

The problem with XP is that since every single setting on your PC is stored inside the ‘registry’, any problems that occur in the database will have a significant effect on your system. This is why the registry is the main reason for XP running slowly and with errors. The reason why the registry database is such a big problem is because it’s being used too much – making Windows confused and saving many parts of it in the wrong way.

The registry is basically made up of a series of ‘registry files’, each of which store a variety of settings, information and options for your computer. Settings like your latest emails and even your desktop icons are kept in this database, making it like the ‘memory’ for your PC. This means that whenever you use your computer, XP is constantly opening and editing 100’s of registry files to help it work, and this makes it confused, leading it to save many of these files in the wrong way. This makes them corrupt, damaged and unreadable, making your PC struggle to load them up when it needs them… slowing it down and causing errors.

Registry tools are there to scan through this database and fix any of the corrupt or damaged files that are in there. Unfortunately, Windows XP ends up making 1,000’s of registry files damaged and corrupt, meaning that whenever you want to next use your system, your PC will be almost unusable. Registry tools scan through the entire registry database and then delete any of the corrupt or damaged files that are in there. This means that when you use a regsitry cleaner on your system, it’s important you are able to get the one which cleans the most problems from the registry.

The best registry application for XP is the one which is able to fix the most problems without causing any more issues. Many cleaners simply delete as many files as possible, which leads them to delete healthy registry files…. leading your computer to just end up running slower and with more errors. Fortunately, there are several cleaners which work very well on XP and having used a lot of them, we’ve found that the one called “RegAce” appears to work the best.