Many users who have not much knowledge / experience about the world of computers often cause problems on the PC or laptop. Well therefore you need to learn about matters related to the gadget dimiki to minimize the occurrence of very severe damage.

As Harddisk is an important part of CPU without Harddisk you can not turn on the computer that serves to store your files. Most users only use and rarely pay attention to the state of the computer hard drive, if not properly treated let alone used with perfunctory could be your hard drive quickly damaged.

The cause of a fast hard drive can be damaged variously. The most dominant damage is caused by users who have not understood correctly with this storage media. The characteristics of damage to the hard disk, among others; unreadable when will be installed operating system, computer often restart itself, computer / laptop become slow and often Hang, PC / laptop hard boot, sounded rough on harddisk.

Factors Harddisk Cause Fast damaged

Now will share a bit to increase knowledge about the harddisk so that the risk of damage can be minimized:
Here is the Cause HardDisk Fast Damaged, please listened carefully:

1. Heat Temperature
Do you know if the computer is too long to use in the CPU will be hot it does not matter if the cooler works well with the number of fans enough when the lack of cooling, can cause the hard drive into heat, weak components and easily damaged.

2. Voltage is not Stable
Does your computer often restart itself or suddenly die and then live again without you press the power button, it’s one of the electrical characteristics you use is not as stable. This condition can lead to damage to the hard drive, especially if the electricity is often suddenly extinguished.

3. Shocks When Computer / Laptop Is In Use
Hard shocks that occur on the CPU at risk of causing damage to the component Harddisk physically. At the time of work, Harddisk heads floating above the surface of the disk or platter when the shocks can have discs in the hard disk suffered from abrasions and bad sectors occur. That’s why shocks and vibrations can cause Harddisk heads touching other hard disk magnetic parts.
For laptop users, it is not recommended to carry or carry laptops when hibernate, active or standby. The position is actually still in the active state, if there is movement or shock it will interfere with the digital signal hard disk.

4. Too Frequently Formatting Hardisk
If we too often format the hard drive or too rarely format the hard drive can cause badsector on the hard drive and must be able to determine when our hard disk time should be in the format.
The solution: use the format command will do what if the hard drive will be installed os (operating system), badsector, new partition, etc .. If we can format our hard drive 6 months if our hard drive will be a place to store data then format first before our hard drive is damaged.

5. Often Re-Install
Reinstall is to delete all system data and then refill the hard drive will work very hard because it has to delete and write back data in the hard drive, the heat generated can weaken the performance of the hard drive and make the life of the hard disk is reduced.

6. Never Defragment
If the hard disk we never defrag consequently at the time of hardisk usage in a long time then the hard disk will be fragmented so that the resulting files will save the beretakan and will cause the hard drive to be slow in finding the data.
Therefore Doing defrag the hard drive is necessary, so harddisk arm is not too heavy work. The files are rearranged together and more readable by the hard drive arm. But too often do defrag will risk damaged harddisk. Perform hard disk defragment when the percentage reaches 5-10%.

7. The Number of Waste Files That Are Not Useful
This is often not a thought but this can be a fatal thing for the hard drive. Make sure the files that are not useful and foreign format you delete. In addition, the files are not neatly arranged was also not good because it resulted in bad selector on the hard drive.

Of all the factors above from our experience factor no 1 to 3 the most cause hard disk quickly damaged but no other factors denied. So from now on you should be more careful if you want your harddisk life long.

To keep things undesirable should your important files or data backed up on an external hard drive or flash if your computer hard drive / laptop is damaged or has no longer readable.
Hopefully this article useful.