B2B Telemarketing – Some Things To Consider When Targeting By Country or Region

B2B Telemarketing – Some Things To Consider When Targeting By Country or Region

In B2B, telemarketing remains viable because of its ability to verify the actual existence of a business entity as well as finalizing a prospect’s interest in order to qualify them as a business lead. Therefore, second to that is the purchase of a top-quality contact list.

Now vendors out there generally categorize their lists in one or two ways. This can make it easier on your part as a buyer by helping you refine your search. One of these categorization methods is organizing lists according to country.

Have you ever ask yourself why it’s necessary though? While it’s an accepted fact that knowing country of origin can be significant to a lot of businesses, it never hurts to dig a little deeper and understand why:

Geographical Location – The answer could just be obvious. You’d want to know about any businesses you can call that aren’t too far from yours. For example, if you’re an American business targeting other businesses within the same state as yours, then you obviously have no use for a list that contains numbers to businesses in India.

Potential Markets – You might want to target a particular region because it’s experiencing positive growth in some industries. This is especially important for international businesses who want to target niche markets in particular countries. So if you’re a business that offers technology and resources for mining companies, then you’d want to target countries like Australia because it’s a country where mining is a primary industry.

Global Expansion – Speaking of which, maybe you’re not just targeting one country but a specific list of several. However, dividing your list of prospects naturally helps you stay organized. As with the previous point, companies who are considering global expansion naturally want to evenly divide their market into geographical locations.

With these reasons established, there are some factors to think about because they might cause certain changes to occur in the region or country you’re targeting.

Political Factors – Again, the first factor is obvious. While you have plenty of professionals and gurus cautioning against getting too political, not even they can deny the effects of political events on economies and markets.

Economic Factors – While economics and politics are tied together, you should pay equal attention to exclusively economic changes. What industries are winning or losing in a particular area? Do you need to shift your targeting to another place?

Time Factors – This is actually a broad label for anything related to the geographical location of your market. It can be as simple as knowing what time it is in one country to something more complex like what season is it there and how does it affect its desirability as a market.

Fortunately, you don’t need to work too hard just to monitor every single detail. Just be more informed and make yourself aware of what’s happening around you as well as what’s happening to the whole world outside. Be on the look out for any reports regarding the places you’re targeting. Make sure your telemarketers can keep an eye on what time it is in different parts of the world. A little bit of awareness can go a long way.