Business Knowledge for the Next Level With Best of Class Cloud-Based CRM

Business Knowledge for the Next Level With Best of Class Cloud-Based CRM

Repeatable and consistent success in business depends on a core strategy revolving around the quick and easy access to knowledge – knowledge typically found in database systems. It means having actionable knowledge about your current customers business along with their purchased products and service offerings, insight knowledge about your prospects needs and the future forecasted revenue of open opportunities. Additionally the knowledge system includes the key conversations and decision making notes that occur between employees, management team, prospects, customers, business partners, vendors and competitors.

Your information needs to be easily managed, accessible 24 x 7 x 365 and adaptable for your business as it moves with our ever changing dynamic world. Cloud computing provides the infrastructure, the foundation and related information technology services to make this possible. The best cloud-based CRM solutions offer the flexibility and rapid time-to-value of a traditional CRM SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution, combined with the benefits of an on-premise solution like security and control. With payment and subscription options, data ownership, greater data storage, and advanced customization, the best cloud-based CRM applications provide a better choice for your business.

Peace of Mind

You can have peace of mind that your data is secure and only accessible by you, not intermingled with data of thousands of other companies. You own and control your data from the start so in the future, should your business needs change and you decide to switch from a cloud-based solution to an on-premise solution, you get your data back intact-in a usable, standard format.

Empower Your Field Sales Force and Connect with Your Target Market

An effective sales force with access to the information they need will expand your company’s customer base and add profit. With your best of class cloud-based CRM system, your field sales force will have the 24 x 7 web access to make notes of key conversations, check on up to date service issue tickets and update the status of their sales opportunities. As your marketing campaigns produce results of interested prospects to targeted emails, your sales team can contact those hot and warm leads in a timely manner. A Lead Capture Portal will help you quickly capture new leads and initiate quick follow up.

Plays Well With Others

Best of class cloud-based CRMs are built on a flexible, standards-based platform that enables integration with other business management solutions, desktop applications like Microsoft Office and Outlook, and Web Services for increased productivity and a complete holistic view of your customers and contacts. These cloud-based CRM’s are supported by authorized CRM partners that collaborate with your team to define and support your implementation for the best results and highest end user adoption.

Full Featured CRM – Customer Relationship Management

A full featured, best of class, cloud-based CRM will include the following:

Account/Contact Management

Opportunity Management

Microsoft Office and Outlook Integration

Process and Workflow Automation

Sales Forecasting & Territory Alignment

Lead Qualification & Management

E-Marketing and survey management

Service and Support Ticket Management

Defect Tracking & Returns

Mobile Access

Business Analytics & Reporting

Back-office Integration

Data Mashups Capability

Advanced Customization Capabilities

A best of class cloud-based CRM will provide you easy access to your information and your relationships so that your business can acquire, develop and retain profitable customers. This is greatly enhanced with a CRM business knowledge database, accessible from the “cloud.”