5 Parking Solutions: Always Have a Free Parking Place

In this fast life, there’s a lot of stress. At work, at home, and especially on the streets it seems like no one likes to wait. No one respects their neighbor and the other citizens of the city we all live in.

While the downtown area is almost always in chaos, the suburbs are usually more relaxed. However, even their people are completely disrespectful and park wherever they like. More often than not, neighbors get into a verbal argument over who has the ownership of the street part that is an entrance to someone’s private parking. And you surely don’t want this kind of awkward situation happening like in this post.

Even in denser urban areas where buildings have their own parking places the problem is the same. People living in those buildings struggle to find a place every day. If you’re one of these people who are having a constant problem with their private spot, here are a few solutions that might help you.

1. Put up a No Parking sign

Knowing that you’re dealing with disrespectful people, the no parking sign may be useless. However, you should have in mind that you don’t know why some people park in that particular place. Someone might be unaware of the problem they cause. Other simply don’t understand the driver’s logic and they don’t know the damage they cause.

That’s why no parking sign is a good idea. If you lower the days in which you have to become nervous over this for 50%, then you can say you did a good job. After all, once you place the sign, you have the complete right to wait for the person that parked in front of your driveway and to ask if they saw the sign. Confronting is another great method but if you do it and there’s no sign, the other person can freely answer that you didn’t signalize in any way that they are obstructing you. That’s why a simple small no parking sign will do a lot.

2. Call the towing service

First, check the law in your state and see what it says about keeping your car freely in the street. Some states have strict regulations about this and even you can’t park in front of your own driveway. If this is the case, you call the towing service and they will instantly remove the vehicle that is blocking your entrance.

If the parking is not regulated, then you should place a clear notification in which the driver that will eventually park there will see that they are blocking your entrance. If this is all covered perfectly you can call the towing service and the other person will have to pay for everything. After all, everyone has the right to be able to get to their home without any obstruction.

After all, even if you have to pay a little to prove your point, maybe it’s smart to call the towers anyway. Relocate their car just a few feet down the street and live them a message saying – don’t park in front of my parkway. This should be enough. If the same person continues doing the same thing, then you’ll have to call the police on them and let them deal with it.

3. Place a parking kiosk

For those living in a more urban area where lots of cars are going through every day, the situation can be much more serious. If the building has its own private vehicle area then a ramp will do the trick, but if it’s a public space, then the solution is called Self Parking Kiosk.

How does this work? It’s a paying machine that will allow people to park for a significant fee. If the parking is meant to be for the residents, but everyone parks there, then paying for it is something that will solve the problem. Even if it is still crowded and you can’t find a good spot, the good part is that at the end of the year, you and your neighbors can split the money you earned from the idea to charge tickets.

Even if you don’t have a hard problem with this, you can install this parking kiosk to make money from people who struggle to find a location for their car in a crowded city.

4. Install a ramp

You can combine the previously mentioned and placing a ramp to get a standard pay toll for people who want to use your property. In a way, you’re saying – okay, I won’t park here, but if you’re so keen about doing it, then at least let me earn some money.

It’s completely legal. It is private property and it’s your choice who you’re going to let inside. This can also be used for private homes in the suburbs and the problem with leaving the car on the street from strangers that you don’t know anything about. If you have this problem, place a ramp on the way to your driveway and with it prevent anyone getting inside.

You can also put a gate with a key that you’ll be the only one that controls. You might need to wait every time you get home for the door to be opened, but at least your parking spot will always be available.

5. Install cameras and place a sign

People hate being monitored. You do too, right? Of course, no one likes it. One of the solutions is to install a camera on your front door and place a clear sign on the driveway that the street is being monitored 24/7. Look at this article to see what kinds of cameras there are: https://medium.com/@contactacesolutionz/the-right-security-camera-32b26bbbfad3

When you do this, you’ll probably get the job done, but if someone is persistent and continue parking there, you’ll have clear evidence when you’ll confront them. Call the towing service, the police, or simply live them a picture of their car being parked on the wrong place showing that you’re watching.

You can be sure that soon this person will quit the idea of blocking your parkway.