A Trick to Make Windows Run Like New

A Trick to Make Windows Run Like New

Windows is a very powerful operating system which is used by millions of people all over the globe. However, it’s also prone to running slower as your system gets older. This is a very common problem which affects almost every single PC, but thanks to a special trick, you can actually make it run like new again.

The reason why most computers run slow is actually very simple & easy to fix. The problem is all to do with a big database that lies at the heart of Windows, called the ‘registry’. This database stores all sorts of settings and options for your computer, from your login name to your Facebook password. It’s extremely important, allowing your computer to recall any of them instantly.

The registry is a very important part of your system, but it’s also one of the biggest reasons why it runs slow. The problem with the registry is very simple – because it’s so important, Windows is constantly using 100’s registry files to help it run smoothly. This is unfortunately, it also makes Windows confused, which leads it to save many of these files in the wrong way. This makes them all mixed up, like a book with its pages in the wrong order, forcing Windows to take longer to read them, slowing it down more and more.

This problem is massive, and it’s only getting worse. Because the registry files are so important for your computer, Windows isn’t powerful enough to fix them itself, meaning that if they are corrupt or damaged, you will need to fix them. And to do that, you just need to use a ‘registry cleaner’, which will go through the entire registry database and fix all the corrupt files that are in there.

Registry cleaners are very powerful tools which can make your computer run like new. If you have a good one, which actually fixes the most damaged registry files, you can speed up your computer so much that it will seem like you’ve got some upgrades. But you need to make sure you have the best cleaner for your PC – because new computers are always faster as they have 0 corrupt registry files. In order to make yours run like new, you need to be able to get your corrupt registry files to 0 as well!