A Trick to Make Your Downloads Faster

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A Trick to Make Your Downloads Faster

With the popularity of the Internet exploding, it’s no wonder that more and more people are using their broadband connections to download more and more files. However, many of those people are not being able to download the files they want at an acceptable speed thanks to a sneaky problem which could be affecting your computer too.

The problem of slow Internet & download speeds is nothing new. In fact, it’s a trademark of the digital revolution – having to wait extended periods of time to download your favorite files or YouTube videos. And although many people have just learned to put up with this problem, there’s actually an easy way to fix it. It all boils down to a part of your computer called the ‘registry’. The registry is a big database which stores all sort of settings for the software and hardware of your computer, including your Internet downloads.

Whenever you download a file from the Internet, it’s details are kept in this database. Where it’s located, how much it has to go and how much the file is are all constantly being kept up to date inside the registry. This is okay, but the problem is that often, Windows has so many junk files in this registry database that it takes longer and longer to find and store the files it needs. So when you are downloading files, it’s constantly having to search through a pile of unwanted registry files to be able to find it.

This is a big problem because it means your downloads are constantly being hampered by a part of your computer which shouldn’t make them run slow. The registry is a very important part of Windows, but it’s also the cause of many different problems, such as a slow PC and constant errors. To fix this, and to speed up your downloads, you just need to be able to clear out all the junk files from the registry… and the best way to that, is to use a program called a ‘registry cleaner’. These are software tools specifically designed to clean out the registry database by scanning each file that’s in there and then removing any of the ones that are not needed. Depending on how many files your cleaner removes, performing a scan with this type of software can instantly make your downloads fast again.