Access Rip Off

Access Rip Off

We have been working with databases for over 30 years and with small business for over 20.

Its very sad that we see so many small businesses over-sold with their database software. So often we find a small business that has started off with very basic data storage facilities. Somehow or other they have then acquired a Microsoft Access database and then gradually descended into database hell. Not because there is anything wrong with Access but because the “Developer” didn’t really know what they were doing.

When it was first released, Access was seen by the database developer profession as a toy for amateurs. Sadly, many small businesses, unable or unwilling to pay for a professional, created or had created for them an Access database.

When first published, Access was unique and in some ways still is. For the first time, a database engine was combined with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) and development tools. Ordinary mortals could now create a proper database. As versions progressed, a unique and powerful programming language developed so that Access in the hands of a knowledgeable person became a powerful data management tool.

So far, so good. Now comes the sad bit.

Many Access developers were students on their way to somewhere bigger and better or people who thought they knew better than they did, then disappeared. Either way, we now have hundreds of thousands of small businesses trapped with an almost impossible-to-use database application and frantic to find a way out.

Que the sharks. Waiting in the wings are the database angels. So many times we have seen a small business sold a version of SQL Server or Oracle when all that was needed was a reconstruction of the data and a new Front End.

Database applications should always consist of two parts: The “Front end” is the application that the user interacts with. The “Back end” is the database engine that manipulates and manages the data itself. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT THE USER DOES NOT HAVE DIRECT ACCESS TO THE DATA.. Not only is it inefficient, its dangerous.

Its crazy but the Access database engine (Known as Jet) is almost as good as you can get. The problem with Access out-of-the-box is that the GUI and the development tools are at the other end of the rainbow. That’s why we don’t use them. We use Visual Studio to develop your Front End. It’s by far and away more efficient for you and is superb at producing the kind of reporting that you need for your business.

So why are we different? Firstly, we work for our client and we don’t take commissions for selling packaged software. Secondly, we work for our client and try to give them the best possible database solution for their needs. Finally, we work for our client and keep the costs of employing us within the abilities of our client to pay. We are not in the business of ripping you off. We are in the business of helping business with their database needs.