Aircraft Mechanic Course – How You Can Be A Professional AMT

To be an aircraft technician is not an easy job because you have to undergo a lot of training, and experience, then take a license, which is very important so that you can apply for such positions either in a private or government institution. As a stepping stone in this career, you need an aircraft mechanic course to study the basics until you learn more advanced techniques in troubleshooting aircraft and to widen your knowledge as well. But don’t forget that you must also pass a test to get a certificate and acquire a license so you will need a different approach to this.

Let’s say that you will need additional subjects to study and certain courses that will focus on various fields of expertise that can help in achieving your dream as an aircraft mechanic technician. You’ll also need experts to help you prepare for examinations and they are not simply teachers who give lessons but individuals who will serve as a bridge so you can pass your tests. They are willing to teach you how you can surpass the biggest challenges that every student will face in this industry so you better be serious here.

You have chosen this path and are pretty sure that you wanted to be successful in this career someday and that is possible with your determination to learn. Everything will depend on you as a student who wanted to be a professional AMT because this is your choice so do your part since this is just the beginning. You may enroll in a course today and later will get a license but you have to keep on studying because you have a lot to learn as the technology is changing fast in this industry.


You have to meet the basic prerequisites, such as age, understanding of specific language, as well as to read, write, and speak which are needed for communication. It is a must to study a course related to AMT and finish this from a school that is approved by the FAA – go to to see how it works and makes sure to complete your on-the-job training at airframes or powerplants to gain experience.

But if you want to experience both, then you will complete a total of 30 months of on-the-job training. For your certificate, you have to pass the exam from FAA. So there would be oral, written, and practical tests to complete.


Your first option is to enroll at AMT training providers that must be under the supervision of the FAA. Check what certifications the school offers because most of them have a package that includes training for avionics, airframes, and powerplants.

Education systems are not usually enough for such a serious and quite complex course so the school will require you to complete on-the-job training. Again, the minimum number of months to complete is 18 for one certificate and 30 for two certificates with a qualified aircraft mechanic to supervise you.

If you are in the military service and considering studying an AMT course, then you will be paid for attending the training. Indeed this is somewhat fulfilling because you are earning and serving at the same time so you’ll earn credits for this expertise.

Taking the required Tests

You will only receive your certificate after taking and passing the required tests. I supposed you are aware of these so you have to prepare by studying in centers that are dedicated to this field of expertise.

One is the written exam that includes general, airframe, and powerplant aircraft mechanic technician tests which are usually stacked knowledge but you must also review. We have 60 questions for the general and 100 each for airframe as well as powerplant which are multiple-choice types.  You need to finish these 3 sets in 2 hours and make sure to get at least 70% of the correct answers to pass the written examination – check this out to know more about the score.

The next part is the practical test that you must also pass and this includes the oral and demo tests. Here, your skills and knowledge will be assessed so the FAA will ask for demonstrations and a part of this will be the oral because you will be asked to discuss some things. You will need 8 hours to finish this for every certificate and if the designated examiner.