Apple iPhone 4 – Latest Technology Phone With Great Features

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Apple iPhone 4 – Latest Technology Phone With Great Features

The new iPhone 4 is the latest kid on the block and proves that Apple can withstand any competition thrown at it. The new iPhone 4 is a huge improvement over the previous iPhone 3GS models and the compact dimensions prove that. It does not need to be switched on and operated for a while to know that this is a complete makeover from the previous model and is miles ahead of the original iPhone. The iPhone 4 is much more compact and sleek than the previous model. It is slightly thinner than the previous model, but when compared with rival phones from HTC and so on, this seems a stone age ahead in terms of design and quality.

The new iPhone 4 will be available in two colours, black and white. So far, white has been the most popular colour and that partly has to do with the fact that it has not been launched by Apple yet! Apple has said that consumers would have to wait until April next year for seeing the iPhone 4 in white colour. The black colour is not a disgrace to the phone either. It fits the bill exactly and lends a rich look to the phone. One of the best features in the design of the phone is that it has a profile size of just 0.37 inches, making it one of the slimmest phones in the market. Within this ultra slim body, the phone houses the 3.5 inch touch screen, which is another high point of the phone. This is because the screen features the retina display technology that gives out such a high resolution that makes it impossible to see the pixels with a naked eye.

The display has a contrast ratio of 800:1 and this means that you would enjoy black colours as it should be, black. The finger print resistant coating on the screen makes maintaining the screen’s beauty very easy. The iPhone is best known for its display and the operating system. With the display side of things taken care of, Apple has introduced their latest iOS 4 for better use of this brilliant screen. The new operating system features many improvements over the previous ones, but the significant ones have come about in the multi-tasking department. With its powerful 1 GHZ processor this has been a functionality that has not been given proper attention. But now with the multi-tasking option, users can now run more than one app at the same time. The powerful processor takes care of things efficiently and lets you do that by not popping up ‘memory full’ message every now and then. The phone has a powerful battery that can boast of competitive battery life, despite boasting the powerful processor and huge screen.

The iPhone 4 has just been launched worldwide. The phone has also been launched in the UK market and it can be purchased online on the Apple website itself. The prices range from A�499 to A�599 depending on the memory.