Chromebook and Storage in the Cloud

Chromebook and Storage in the Cloud

Chromebooks are some of the latest laptops in the market. They are powered by a free browser-based Google chromium operating system. Unit cost of a chrome-book is fairly cheap. Many comparisons between chromebook and iPad have been posted on many online forums with many enthusiasts fronting different opinions.

Unlike its closest competitors such as the iPad, Chromebok has one competitive advantage. Its unit price is far much lower. It comes with WI-FI but with possibility of incorporating 3G facilities. Another factor that gives it an additional mileage is the fact that you can lease it from authorized outlet dealers. The strategy targets to incorporate individual users as well as institutional clients.

In regard to clients using Windows they would benefit from free automated software updates including free replacement of parts on newly purchased units. Whenever you your Chromebook fails to function or is stolen, you do not lose any data because they are stored within the external cloud database. Although the users are limited to basic browser and therefore have less control, it however offers protection to enterprises including their end users. Some institutional entities would concur that chromebook provide safe perimeter to their users. Administrators of learning institutions such as schools stand to benefit immensely because student may not be able to download illicit files from the internet.

With the aforementioned laptop, all browsing plus installation of applications are controlled by Google and with it you can only browse the internet and nothing more. You can perform similar functions by downloading Google Chrome browser to your personal computer and removing all existing browser downloads. Appreciably, Chromebook has taken computing experience to completely new level. The insights about cloud database provide different conceptualised insights in computing technology.

If using this laptop for the first time, you would notice the speed with which it takes between switch on to ready to use. It hardly takes less than ten seconds. It comes with inbuilt WI-FI feature plus extra 3G adaptor. Every time you switch on your Chromebook, it is scanned and checked on daily basis. The automated antimalware checkup offer maximum protection to it.

Since the cloud database is not within the laptop, all the applications that would run on it are internet based. All files and folders are stored away in the virtual cloud storage. This is where all your important data and files are kept. Such web based facilities are crucial for educational as well as business purposes. The biggest advantage in using such computing technology would be because you need not bother about downloading and installing software on your hard drive.