How to Choose the Best Angel Investor Directory

How to Choose the Best Angel Investor Directory

In a turbulent economy, the need for Angel Investors has become even greater in the recent years. However, do the increasing need for A.I.s additional database, directory and listing resources have begin to grow as well in response. The following article is aimed at giving the needed tips and techniques to choose the best angel investor directory for both you and your team.

There are many different types of A.I. databases and there pros and cons associated with all types. There are many shared characteristics between these different types which can be used to help choose the right type of database which will do the most, and be the easiest to use within your business or organization.

Membership based A.I. resource: These membership websites grant you access to restricted information regarding A.I.s and issue a user name and password to access the investor details. The benefits to this type of resource is that it is online, and continually updated when changes are made. The downside is that the operating system is usually a little difficult to get use to, you must log in each time you wish to access the details, and there is no real integration of pre-existing notes or contacts.

Microsoft Excel based spreadsheet: These A.I. resources give the complete contact details within a downloaded spreadsheet for use within your company. The benefits to using this type of resource is that it is users are used to the format, changes can be made by the user, and any changes come in the form of future releases and updates. The downside is that you need to have access to Microsoft Excel, and need to wait until the next launch of the new version to receive your update.

Number of listed investors.

Depth of Contact details

Latest update or release

Customer Testimonials

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