How to Speed Up Your Computer Fast

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How to Speed Up Your Computer Fast

Many of you may have heard of Registry Cleaners but do you know what they do? Well a registry cleaner is software that you can use to dramatically speed up your computer. It works by finding corrupt, damaged, useless and unnecessary information and files that have been stored in the Registry Database. The registry database is something that holds important information for your computer or more specifically instructions. These instructions tell the computer what to do and in what order, this happens when you click on something such as a game or the Internet.

The computer then searches the registry for those particular instructions it needs to carry out that operation that you asked for. However this is where things start to slow down, other files such as chat logs, saved emails and redundant software that hasn’t been properly removed from your hard drive when uninstalling a program are also stored in the registry and these build up over time, and the computer has to search through all of that first before it comes to the necessary file it needs. Bad things happen here such as important information becoming corrupt and damaged because the computer becomes confused, this is a result of the useless information that has built up on top of the instructions in the registry.

Now as i mentioned before a registry cleaner that search for those useless, damaged and corrupt information and it can clean it up but you need to make sure the one you get will not harm your computer like others will and i say this because loads of poorly designed registry cleaner will search your computer, find the damaged and corrupt files and it will just DELETE but this is a huge mistake because they can’t tell the different between the useless information and a damaged file. so lets say it finds a corrupt file that is crucial to YOUR! computer’s system and it deletes it then this means that not only have YOU lost a crucial file to your computer’s system but you may have lost your computer because it might be ruined and not work at all. To put it into perspective if you are playing a game of Jenga and you take a brick out from the bottom then the entire stack will fall and the game is over, well this is essentially what is happening here but with a poorly designed registry cleaner.

However there are cleaners that are designed correctly and will carry out a job with little fuss with great actions. Ones like RegAce, this cleaner has been specifically designed to CLEAN files instead of deleting them. It can also search the registry a lot faster and easier than other cleaners and it does this by embedding itself with Windows’ own file structure so it can seek out the files faster. Your personal information like word documents and photos are safe from deletion and also being lost.