How to Stop Crashes on Windows Vista

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How to Stop Crashes on Windows Vista

Crashes are a common problem for all Windows computers, as they will continually cause your PC to either stop working or restart. Unfortunately, Vista is more prone to crashes than most other versions of Windows, making it essential that you know how to fix the various issues which often cause crashes to occur. This tutorial is going to show you an effective & reliable way to fix crashes on your Vista system, by repairing the most common issues which cause the problem.

Computer “crashes” are common on all PC’s, and are basically when your system cannot continue to run in the current computing session. Crashes can be caused by all sorts of issues on your system, from having damaged program files to hardware issues – making it essential that you’re able to fix the problems which first cause them to show. In Vista, crashes can be repaired by using a variety of methods, but there’s one thing you can do which should stop the crashes for good. Vista has a lot of errors which form inside the “registry” of your PC, meaning that if you want to make your system run smoother, the first step you will want to take is to clean out the registry of your system to prevent it causing any further damage to your PC.

The ‘registry’ is a central database which stores important files & settings for your computer, and is what all Windows systems use to help them run as smoothly as possible. The registry database is home to everything from your latest emails to your saved Internet passwords, making it a crucial component in any Windows system. Unfortunately, the registry is also the Achilles Heel of many Windows systems, as it’s continually causing problems that lead to your PC either running slower or crashing. The problem is that since the registry database of your system holds so much vital data for your computer, it’s continually being used 100’s of times a day by your PC… and as so many of the files it has are used so much, Vista often gets confused and saves many of them in the wrong way. This causes them to become unreadable, which leads Windows to take longer to process them, or just stop working altogether.

The way to fix crashes in Vista is to repair any problems inside your computer which might be causing the crashes. There are a number of issues which may be causing crashes on your Vista PC, but the best way to fix the issue is to clean out the “registry” and make sure there are no damaged parts of it which are causing problems. You can clean out the registry of your PC by using a registry repair tool, which should be able to scan through your system, identify the problems that are inside it and repair them quickly & effectively – stopping the crashes from recurring.