Oil and Gas Rig Installation: Working and Living Environment

The operation of the heavy industrial machine always comes with a lot of personal risks. We all know that oil is a combustible product and it brings its own hazards, not only to the staff but also for the facilities. Possibly the most significant factor that affects team when it comes to work-related facilities and injuries is stress and fatigue since the hours in this kind of work are unforgiving and long.

Onshore gas and oil operations carry as much risk and hazard as their offshore counterpart, even apart from the drilling jobs: the transportation of drilling equipment and materials, usually on less-traveled areas and back roads combined with stress and fatigue, can result in severe or even fatal accidents every year.

Offshore oil rig living quarters and the installation in general, requires a lot of heavy and strict conditions and everyone with the eagerness to be employed in that kind of environment, always considers the living conditions in the very dangerous or hazardous surroundings.

Being in isolated locations like the oil rig installation, and the idea of living in the middle of the ocean with either very cold or hot weather conditions will make any people who want to be employed on the rig doubtful about their decision of whether you can survive working there or not. People should also remember that the conditions will vary depending on the job position you applied in.

Honestly, jobs on the oil or gas rig platforms are very different from those on shore in a lot of ways. The working conditions reformed and revolutionized over the past years to make it more interesting and comfortable for the workers.

Living and working conditions in the oil and gas rig

Even though working in offshore oil and gas installations are very risky and dangerous. But because of the advancement of technology, it has been made as comfortable as possible nowadays compared ten to twenty years ago.

After the workers are transported by the company’s helicopter into the middle of the ocean and dropped off at an oil or gas rig installation, you will have to put on the gear that the company provided before they can start the work on their shift, which is usually a 12 to 15 hour shift.

Drilling personnel are workers who are always around in providing daily practical needs. They handle the tasks like cooking, cleaning and washing to make sure that you have a lot of time relaxing after your hard day’s work and done with you 12 to 15-hour shift. There are a lot of leisure activities you can choose from when you are inside an oil or gas rig. Modern installations have been more comfortable compared to 10 – 15 years ago.

There is a recreation area with satellite television and phones, video game consoles, or music lounges. You can also spend your time in the installation’s spa or sweat it out and work out in their gym in your spare time. Not only that, oil or gas rig installation also have designated smoking zones where workers can smoke cigarettes safely because the company provides matches and lighters.

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The company also provide the workers, access to computers or laptops with an internet connection, as well as other fringe benefits workers can enjoy. Usually, rig installations operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week and every worker are assigned to either daytime or night shift for 12 hours each. Oil or gas installation also offers services like daily laundry, maid services or unlimited meals. Not only that, they offer a very attractive salary package compared to their onshore counterpart.

Offshore personnel that are in charge of the construction, metallurgical or drilling workers and their assistants, work under different weather conditions. The other rig jobs, like the geologists and engineers, share the same task as they are required to work in the office or outside the platforms.

Administrative, managerial and executive staff work inside their air-conditioned offices. The living conditions of gas and oil rig installation nowadays have greatly improved, and some of them even equaled some of the best five-star hotel accommodation on the planet today. And lastly, medical staff are on standby 24 hours a day, seven days a week with a primary treatment facility and a standby helicopter in case of emergency.