The Best New Registry Cleaner of 2010

The Best New Registry Cleaner of 2010

If you’ve been looking for a registry cleaner to use on your PC, you’ll know that there are a lot of these tools which promise to be able to help fix errors and make your system run faster. However, if you have any of the latest software on your system in 2010, you’ll need to use a tool that works the best for this year, otherwise you could damage your PC.

Although there are a lot of registry programs available, it’s important that you are able to get the best tool that will work flawlessly with all the latest software & settings that your system has. All registry cleaners are more-or-less designed to do a similar job, which is to scan through the central Windows database called the ‘registry’ and remove any of the damaged settings that might be causing a problem inside there.

The registry database has long been a cause of issues for Windows because it is prone to becoming damaged and corrupted. It’s basically the storage facility for all the settings on your computer, so whenever you use a piece of software or tool, your computer will be reading 100’s of registry settings to help it run.

Each registry setting hold a piece of information about your PC, including everything from your desktop wallpaper to your AIM friends list… and because so many registry settings are open at once, Windows often gets confused and saves many of them in the wrong way causing them to become unreadable.

The reason why registry cleaner tools are so popular is because they can work to find and remove a large number of errors on your system, allowing your computer to run smoothly again. Registry cleaners work by scanning through the registry database and fixing any setting that they identify as being corrupt or damaged. This means that if you want to use one of these tools on a 2010 system, you need to use a registry cleaner which is up to date and reliable.

Most registry tools are actually created by amateur coders, who do not have the skills or resources to continually update their software as much as they should. This makes many of the registry cleaners out there obsolete as they will not recognize a lot of the new files & settings that your computer will have. We’ve used a lot of tools on our test computers and there are only a few which have been kept updated enough to work well in 2010. The best tool we found has been one called “Frontline Registry Cleaner”, which is a relatively new cleaner that was launched at the beginning of 2010. This tool has been able to find and remove the largest number of registry errors from our 2010 PCs.