The iPhone 4S – 12 Days Of Christmas Application Now Available

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The iPhone 4S – 12 Days Of Christmas Application Now Available

It seems that the folks at Apple are feeling festive as they have launched details of their annual Twelve Days Of Christmas application. This new download is available for users of the iPhone 4S and all previous models and is the manufacturers way of saying a big thank you to all of its customers.

The Twelve Days Of Christmas application is available from the iTunes App Store and can either be downloaded directly onto the iPhone 4S or on a home computer which will automatically synchronise the download with your phone if you are using the excellent iCloud service. Although the new application is available now it does not officially start until the 26th December. On this day and for the 11 days that follow Apple will send a free gift to the user. This gift will be either an audio track, a music video, an application or a book. Apple will send a push notification to your iPhone 4S when your gift is ready and then all you need to do is click on a button and it will be installed on your handset. What is impressive about this application is that the quality of gifts that are given away is very high. It would be easy for Apple to send you music from obscure bands and games that nobody has ever heard of but they do tend to give you some genuinely good surprises. Lasts years line up included some big names including Cheryl Cole, Kings Of Leon and Michael Buble.

The iPhone 4S is the perfect handset to make the most of these free gifts that you are sent. The audio player that is incorporated on the phone is one of the very best. It uses the same software that was used on the excellent iPod Touch device which means you are presented with high quality cover art and numerous ways of selecting the track that you want to listen to. Video playback is equally as impressive thanks to the model using the highest quality mobile display available. Known as the Retina display this screen can produce a resolution of 640 x 960. As a result of this the phone manages to display a massive 326 pixels per inch which is a level that exceeds what the human eye can detect. This screen is not only perfect for music videos but also for any games applications that you may be sent. The display is a capacitive touchscreen which allows you to perform all controls and manoeuvres on screen.

Apple tend to give away some great gifts as part of this application and the iPhone 4S is ideal to use all of them to their full potential. The phone offers a great music player and a high quality screen ideal for gaming and video playback.