No One Answers? Get Yahoo Answers

No One Answers? Get Yahoo Answers

If your mind is stuck at some question and you are not getting its answer, you will definitely feel frustration. Your frustration will reach the limits when no one will be able to answer that. You might want to hit your head somewhere if question is serious enough. Don’t do that any way, because it may lead you to another question, “Who am I?” But there is a positive point that you may forget the question as well as your frustration. You have a second option too which can be treated as first option.

If you don’t find answer then get Yahoo Answers. Yahoo Answers is a place where any one can ask any type of question and can get Yahoo Answers from real people. I hope you meet the criteria to be included in the group “any one”. So go to the site and get Yahoo Answers of your frustrating questions.

Now think about others who would be frustrated like you. So why not to help those people by answering their questions? Idea is good but where to find such person who needs answer of the question that you can answer? Answer is simple, go to Yahoo Answers and find such people who are waiting to get Yahoo Answers.

But problem is still there, that is how to find? So answer is here. First of all go to the list of Open Questions. Open questions are those questions which are not yet answered. The list will be long enough. Definitely you don’t have time to search that question to which you can answer, so use advance search option to make your search easy.

In the search box enter the keyword i.e. the word which define the field in which your think you are expert and can answer if question is asked about that field. Now make the server busy in arranging a special list of questions that are related to your interest. Now hope you can easily find the question that you can answer. So answer the question or questions if you have time. You may imagine that you removed the frustration of someone who asked that question. See how easy it was to remove your and others frustration.