What’s the Buzz on Keywords?

What’s the Buzz on Keywords?

If you are on the hunt for a new job, you have probably heard the reminders to make sure you have “keywords” included in your resume. So, what exactly are keywords and where do you find them?

If you have applied for a job online, your application is typically stored in a resume database or applicant tracking system. When a new position becomes available, Recruiters will pull a subset of candidate resumes/applications that they deem qualified based on a database “keyword” search.

So, you know you need to insert keywords into your resume so you can get “found” by the recruiter, but, how do you come up with the keywords?

Keywords and key phrases are typically nouns (person, place, thing) and noun phrases that describe and relate your experience to the job opening. Keywords are created by combining words contained in the advertised job description/job posting and your professional experience:


JOB TITLES: Accountant, Graphic Designer, Artist, Realtor, District Manager, Senior Publisher, Typesetter, Teacher, Research Assistant, Dispatcher

SKILLS: Budgeting, Supervision, Strategic Planning, Organization, Web Design, Word Processing, Training, Facilitation, Purchasing, Presentation, Sales Management, Reporting

EDUCATION: GED, High School Diploma, Associates Degree, Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree

CERTIFICATIONS OR LICENSES: Welding Certificate, CPR Certified, Teaching Certificate: Early Elementary Education, ISO 9000 Certification, MCSE Certification, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Dental Hygienist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Commercial Drivers License (CDL), LEED (Green Building Certified)

SPECIFIC TOOLS OR PROCESSES USED: Backhoe Operator, 3D Printing Press, Pneumatic Nail Gun, Interactive Whiteboard, Emergency Operations Center, SWAT Team, Hazardous Material Response, Greens Aeration Process, Onsite Recycling Initiative, Process Mapping, CAD Drafting

TECHNOLOGY: Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Skype, GoTo Meeting Blackboard, Dreamweaver, WordPress, Adobe PhotoShop, Macintosh

PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS/MEMBERSHIPS: SHRM – Society for Human Resources Management, HFMA – Healthcare Financial Management Association, AICPA – American Institute of CPA’s, IAFF – International Association of Firefighters, HSMAI – Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International, AIGA – Professional Association for Design

Once you have your keywords identified, make sure you incorporate them in your resume. You need to ensure you are loading your resume with keywords that are searchable, readable and actionable by the recruiter. Spend your time carefully when crafting your resume, taking time to match your history to the targeted job you are applying for. Be descriptive and specific so you can get FOUND in the crowd!

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