3 Tips to Capture Emails At Trade Shows

3 Tips to Capture Emails At Trade Shows

Trade shows might be expensive yet are an effective tool of direct marketing to capture email database lists.

Often in the rush of hosting a trade show marketers tend to ignore the direct marketing objective behind it. If you too are on the list of hopping onto the bandwagon just for the heck of it then lo and behold! Re-sketch your checklist and make note what you are driving out of the hefty budget you are spending on these trade shows to exhibit your products and services. It’s not mere a display exercise but a tool to collect contacts viz. email, phone numbers, address etc. However, collecting emails isn’t as easy it may sound. One can follow a 3 step process to ensure the email list entries in their sales lead database are aptly acquired and captured well.

Attract Customers to your Booth- Where trade shows pull huge consumer base, it also incorporates a huge base of your competitors as well. A person visiting your booth might have visited many others in the row. In this set up, ensure you significantly stand out and people feel compelled to visit your stop and spend time in knowing about your services/products. Bounties and gifts is one way to keep consumers intact till the end of your presentations/demonstrations. However, majority of time marketers end up building negative vibes by not being transparent about gifts in an effort to buy consumers time. Avoid this blunder and communicate what you commit since negative word of mouth can cost you fortune. Further, emails such collected are of practically no use as consumer would never like to be associated with a company which starts with falsified claims.

Indulge in Communication and seek Business Cards- Outstanding Booth set up, attractive executives and generous bounties aren’t enough if consumers fail to connect with you. Knowledge speaks and attracts! B2B direct marketing involves certain professionalism which your sales executives must adhere to in order to keep the interest of a visitor. Though a visitor might be running short on business cards yet he might share it if you succeed to build a bond with him. Building relationship helps so kick it further to get benefitted to create a validated email database list

Entry Forms and Feedbacks – Last but not the least is most adopted instrument of capturing emails of visitors and other information is entry forms! Do a careful homework and draft a short yet compact form that talks about all the information you need. Feedback forms supplements the data collected in entry form rather confirms the information entered as valid. Don’t forget to keep forms short as to not to draw away visitors due to exhaustive entries requirement.

Everything said and done there’s an extra factor that speaks volumes. It’s your gut feeling that comes with you desire to achieve most out of your direct marketing trade shows towards the aim of capturing email list. Drive on that!