Database Software Simplifies Integration of RFID Into Business Activities

Database Software Simplifies Integration of RFID Into Business Activities

Adaptcode scripted software helps manage assets, inventories and shipments within facilities and throughout global supply chains. This eases incorporation of tools like bar codes, IUID, RFID, GPS, and sensors into existing processes. It also supports the ability to update database structures, modify workflows, adjust business rules, and add capabilities to applications. The interface provides a dashboard summary of automated alerts and analytics for specific users.

The scripted technology employed by Adaptcode Scenarios of adaptive mapping applications enables Customers to easily integrate systems powered by wireless technologies into their business processes

Adaptcode software maps and drives “just-in-time” operations by providing decision makers with quality, up-to-date information about the location, condition and security of their assets.

This new scripting algorithm includes a tag-set of embedded-metadata-scenarios generated in conjunction with a novel XML and pre-interpolated database connection. The result is a newly adaptable product for customers to continuously improve the performance, security and condition of assets moving both within facilities and throughout the manufacturing assembly-line and corresponding supply chain.

The software makes it easier for developers to take advantage of quality AIDC-based information, which helps take the guess work out of managing assembly line assets and inventory. The software design addresses the common problems systemic to every organization involved in asset and assembly line management, and empowers customers to address their own unique challenges – no matter how simple or complex.

Upon login, each customized application will present users with a specifically adapted dashboard summary with automated alerts and analytics tailored for that user.

Because the scripting includes embedded-metadata-scenarios, the applications become dynamically adaptive and easily support the ability to update database structures, modify workflows, adjust business rules, customize nomenclature, and add completely new capabilities to each application. All of these adaptations will continue to be supported in future product upgrades.

Adaptcode software includes a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) scripted framework that supports the exchange of business intelligence with other legacy systems through the inclusion of XML and relational database interplay.

With this collaborative version expected to be released in early 2010, it will be easier than ever to manage assets, shipments and inventory moving within assembly-line facilities and throughout the global supply chain.

Real-time solutions based on active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and other Automatic Identification and Data Capture technologies improve the visibility, management and security of assembly line assets, shipments and consignments.