How To Make Sure You Live a Safe Online Lifestyle In 2019

Today many of us are leading 2 lives. There is our day-to-day routine and then there is our online lifestyle. An online lifestyle can consist of many different hobbies depending on what you enjoy and what kind of person you are. For example, I have a community of online friends I have never met. They all come from a game that I play regularly. Some people are part of discussion online discussions groups, and so on. The fact is there are a lot of people with what I like to call digital friends.

One of the problems with having digital friends is that you never really know who they are. There are a lot of people out there that use forums, interactive gaming, and discussion groups to befriend people, gain their trust, then defraud them.

Some of the horror stories out there are just people being stupid. I mean who lends someone they have never met $500 because they offered a sob story? Well, someone I know has done this.

Other people have been conned with the bank account trick. Hey, I have all this money but I cannot send it to my account so can I use your bank account, and I will give you 20%. You would be surprised how many people just hand over their bank details in the belief that there is no way this person can withdraw from your account.

When you have online friends, you do not need to be the soft and kind loving person you are to your ‘offline friends’ (seems like an appropriate description for your ‘physical friends’).

The relationship you have should be strictly within the realms of the interests that bought you together in the digital world. No money should be involved. You should not give away too much personal information about yourself either. For instance, I was asked what my full name and address was by someone have played a game with for over 5 years.

Even if this person was coming to visit me, I would have said I will meet them at the airport or ask them to let me know their hotel. I certainly would not give this person my address.

Since the mistake, my friend made lending money to someone he doesn’t know (whether he can afford it or not) and people asking for my name and address, I have decided to add a few security measures to the way I connect online. For a start, I always surf the net in incognito mode along with connecting to forums and other online resources using miglior VPN android software.

One of the reasons for this is there are too many requests from these websites asking to ‘accept cookies’ or ‘allow notifications’ or ‘download the app’ and so on. I really don’t like the idea of downloading some apps because I don’t know if there is any malicious code installed that could be used to access my system.

I do have a paid anti-virus software app that is on my smartphone, tablet, laptop, and PC, so I hope if I do download anything with malicious code this will spot it, but you can never be too sure. On top of this, as mentioned, I always use VPN gratis android software to cover my tracks when I am using online forums because you never know who could be using these forums to hack your connection.

Oil and Gas Rig Installation: Working and Living Environment

The operation of the heavy industrial machine always comes with a lot of personal risks. We all know that oil is a combustible product and it brings its own hazards, not only to the staff but also for the facilities. Possibly the most significant factor that affects team when it comes to work-related facilities and injuries is stress and fatigue since the hours in this kind of work are unforgiving and long.

Onshore gas and oil operations carry as much risk and hazard as their offshore counterpart, even apart from the drilling jobs: the transportation of drilling equipment and materials, usually on less-traveled areas and back roads combined with stress and fatigue, can result in severe or even fatal accidents every year.

Offshore oil rig living quarters and the installation in general, requires a lot of heavy and strict conditions and everyone with the eagerness to be employed in that kind of environment, always considers the living conditions in the very dangerous or hazardous surroundings.

Being in isolated locations like the oil rig installation, and the idea of living in the middle of the ocean with either very cold or hot weather conditions will make any people who want to be employed on the rig doubtful about their decision of whether you can survive working there or not. People should also remember that the conditions will vary depending on the job position you applied in.

Honestly, jobs on the oil or gas rig platforms are very different from those on shore in a lot of ways. The working conditions reformed and revolutionized over the past years to make it more interesting and comfortable for the workers.

Living and working conditions in the oil and gas rig

Even though working in offshore oil and gas installations are very risky and dangerous. But because of the advancement of technology, it has been made as comfortable as possible nowadays compared ten to twenty years ago.

After the workers are transported by the company’s helicopter into the middle of the ocean and dropped off at an oil or gas rig installation, you will have to put on the gear that the company provided before they can start the work on their shift, which is usually a 12 to 15 hour shift.

Drilling personnel are workers who are always around in providing daily practical needs. They handle the tasks like cooking, cleaning and washing to make sure that you have a lot of time relaxing after your hard day’s work and done with you 12 to 15-hour shift. There are a lot of leisure activities you can choose from when you are inside an oil or gas rig. Modern installations have been more comfortable compared to 10 – 15 years ago.

There is a recreation area with satellite television and phones, video game consoles, or music lounges. You can also spend your time in the installation’s spa or sweat it out and work out in their gym in your spare time. Not only that, oil or gas rig installation also have designated smoking zones where workers can smoke cigarettes safely because the company provides matches and lighters.

Click here to know more about different types of work that is done in an oil or gas installation.

The company also provide the workers, access to computers or laptops with an internet connection, as well as other fringe benefits workers can enjoy. Usually, rig installations operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week and every worker are assigned to either daytime or night shift for 12 hours each. Oil or gas installation also offers services like daily laundry, maid services or unlimited meals. Not only that, they offer a very attractive salary package compared to their onshore counterpart.

Offshore personnel that are in charge of the construction, metallurgical or drilling workers and their assistants, work under different weather conditions. The other rig jobs, like the geologists and engineers, share the same task as they are required to work in the office or outside the platforms.

Administrative, managerial and executive staff work inside their air-conditioned offices. The living conditions of gas and oil rig installation nowadays have greatly improved, and some of them even equaled some of the best five-star hotel accommodation on the planet today. And lastly, medical staff are on standby 24 hours a day, seven days a week with a primary treatment facility and a standby helicopter in case of emergency.

Best boomboxes – What are the Benefits?

By acquiring the best boomboxes reviews, you will enjoy tee following benefits:


One reason most people opt for this item is because of its good portability. It comes in a small and compact design, which makes it easy to handle and move around with. The best choices are made from tough yet lightweight materials. Heavy-duty plastic is the most popular. You and carry the unit for long distances or a long time and your hands won’t get too tired. Moreover, they will feature a nice carry-friendly design and are also ergonomically styled for maximum comfort and to minimize fatigue. They also feature a rechargeable battery pack or non-rechargeable pieces. This means you can use them almost anywhere.


You will find boomboxes being used indoors as well as outdoors. It can be in the bedroom, living room, patio, by the swimming pool, beach, park, picnic or camping site, and many more places. They are built for use in many situations. And together with their lightweight and portable nature, you will be able to enjoy a good listening experience.

The design also plays a role in their versatility. Most will work with many devices and operating systems.  You will be able to pair it with Bluetooth-enabled devices, run them via iOS, Android, Windows, and other OS.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth has become central to modern entertainment. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, notebooks and other accessories will come with Bluetooth. However, most will not be able to put out decent sound or volume because of their miniature or small size.

The good news however that is Boomboxes will support Bluetooth connectivity. It allows you to pair it with devices for better sound quality and experience. It delivers deep bass, rich treble, and other sound effects. Connecting it to the devices and gadgets is easy. Moreover, the best boomboxes will maintain a strong connection for uninterrupted listening.


The truth is that many people go for a boombox because it’s in trend. It’s the current wave of enjoying music in a more relaxing and convenient manner. The versatile accessory comes well designed for use in many outdoor and indoor situations. This makes it a top choice for people who love the outdoors or love staying indoors while listening to theier favorite tunes.

It’s an advanced device that comes with the latest innovations. These include wireless connectivity or Bluetooth that enable you to play music via a smartphone, tablet and other devices. We can’t also forget that they come in elegant styles and the colors are quite amazing.

Many Connectivity Options

A boombox speaker will feature several ports or inputs. This enables it to work with everyday sound devices and gadgets. You will find a Bluetooth port, AUX input, USB memory card adapter, as well as MicroSD input. The Bluetooth works with Bluetooth enabled devices such as smartphones or tablets; the 3.5mm Aux point works with microphones and stereos, the USB port supports flash drives, while the MicroSD point is for memory cards. The best choices have strong Bluetooth paring and also support NFC. Since its wireless, you won’t need to worry about messy wires running all over.

Top-10-Tips-To-Choose-Perfect-cPanel-Hosting Services

cPanel is one of the most famous industries leading control panel for websites. It is webmaster’s first choice while selecting a hosting plan. cPanel also provides ease, flexibility, and management of websites. You can host several websites, perform complex maintenance task, create email addresses and much more.

Here we have a list of top 10 tips to help you find out perfect cPanel host for your website that is explained below:

1. Understanding your specific needs: Selecting the best online host is not an easy task. If you are planning to make a website featuring video blogging, 24-hour streaming, and visitors ability to register and upload their videos, your site will need more features than really anyone using their website as a digital profile.

2. Look into hosting reliability and speed: The reliability and speed of the host are the most essential things to consider when selecting a cPanel hosting Services. Even a few minutes of downtime per day can result in loss of income and bad customer experience. For a beginner with little web traffic, speed may not seem important. But as your site grows, it will become even more analyzing.

3. Know your upgrade options: You will require the more bandwidth, email storage, and other resources as your website grows. So upgrading your sites is a very crucial process. Many agreements even need hosts to shut down your site or need you to upgrade if you use too many resources.

4. Explore security features: Security features are another important factor to consider in a web host. This is particularly true if you plan to run a website that stores your all sensitive information, such as credit card numbers for customers. Ensure that your web hosting firm will provide security to protect the personal information of your customer.

This is a very important element in providing a safe transaction for customers and will be a feature that the web hosting company offers.

5. Look for quality customer support: Look at what kind of support channels are provide you during your development processes, such as live chat, email, or phone support. Also, look at the hours of support for each host. Finally, read the reviews from each host you are looking at to get an impression of the quality of support they are providing.

6. Research prices – Don’t get stuck: check the prices first then you have to choose a budget-friendly hosting package. But, it is very important to look beyond the initial monthly cost you’re shown when researching prices. Recognize that for first-time users, many hosting providers feature first deals. Be entirely sure that you don’t have just current budget for the introductory offer, but that you can also afford the standard rate.

7. Know the Backup Plan: It doesn’t really matter why your website is down or why you have lost your data. You need to know if the web hosting company you choose has a backup plan to recover your data. Also, you can ask “What’s the plan?” If you’re not comfortable with the answer, you know what you need to do.

8. Test Customer Support: When you are searching web hosting companies, always look for a way to contact customer support. Also, you can find a quick and easy way to contact them via email, online chat, or 24/7 phone support? Yes? This is Great. Now test them. Be sure to test each feature before you purchase their services to see if they meet the requirements of your company.

9. Avoid the New Guy who can’t cope with growth: The new hosting companies, however, are not equipped to manage several customers at once successfully. It’s important to stay with a more established brand that can handle growth without any sacrificing the experience of their customers.

10. Company Credibility: Check your website hosting credibility before purchasing a hosting account. You have to search for good and bad customer reviews online. Good hosts have very low or no bad reviews at all. Do not sign up with a hosting company having bad customer reviews. Couples of bad reviews are pretty normal in hosting industry as it is very difficult to make everyone happy because of mankind nature.


Understanding The Growth Of The Global Solvent Recycling Market

A Global Solvent Recycling Market Report for 2018 provides detailed information about the industry for the forecast period 2018-2023. This report gives industry trends and updated business information, showing the end-users and products driving the growth of revenue and profit.

The report also offers an in-depth look at the competitive landscape and quantifies the market share of significant players in the solvent recycling industry. It also performs a comprehensive analysis based on segmentation by geography.

Key Players Operating In The Market:

  • Finish Thompson
  • S.T Italia Sistemi Tecnologici S.P.A
  • OFRU Recycling
  • F.T
  • Ventilatorenfabrik Oelde
  • HongYi
  • NexGen Enviro Systems

Solvent recycling is the process of cleaning dirty, used solvents so they can be used again. Used solvents are placed in solvent recyclers and put through a process to fractionate and distill them from the chemicals that made them dirty.

Apart from the positive environmental impact of solvent recycling, another key benefit is cost reduction. Companies reduce their solvent costs and waste disposal fees. This is true for any company that uses solvents, such as paint shops, auto body shops, and the printing industry.

In the solvent recycling market, there are three different types of companies. Some companies offer recycling technology and provide a recycling service. They charge customers for recycled solvent. Other companies sell solvent recycling machines as their key business. Then there are other companies that offer a combined service: they provide solvent recycling services and sell machines.

The Global Solvent Recycling Market Report defines market estimates and forecasts. It reviews marketplace drivers, challenges, constraints, and restraints, as well as possibilities and growth signs for the coming years.

The report gives a region-wide analysis, considering growth aspects and revenue in regions such as North America, South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa. It covers different countries, analyzing emerging market sectors and development opportunities.

For example, North America, and Europe dominate in the solvent recycling service and equipment market and are estimated to keep their leading positions over the next few years.

Competitive Landscape

The report offers a detailed analysis of major companies present in the solvent recycling market. Leading industry players are compared on the basis of product portfolios, manufacturing plants, target customers, market pricing and sales footprint.

Product benchmarking takes place on the basis of major technical parameters and recommendations are made on ideal product specifications. Detailed analysis is performed on major factors influencing the buyer behavior of users, including frequency of buying, brand satisfaction, and awareness. The ability to customize solutions according to a company’s specific needs is another factor taken into account.

Reasons To Read This Report

A report like this provides insightful analyses of the market and more understanding of the global competitive landscape. It helps with an understanding of the forces driving the market and future prospects. It also gives you the opportunity to learn more about the market strategies being adopted by leading organizations and what trends and barriers will impact the development and size of the market over the next decade.…

AI Camera – How it Works as a Video Surveillance

It is just so amazing that IT experts can actually create a program that allows machines to do things that human beings are supposed to do. I guess, this is what advanced technology and the digital age is talking about. Our programmers are equipped with the best skills, which enabled them to integrate AI or Artificial Intelligence on security cameras. Can you imagine how much time and effort they have to devote in analyzing, designing, programming and testing of this device before releasing it on the market? For these experts, they have just created a masterpiece.

That’s why, if you would like to install a surveillance camera for your home and workplace use, then you should choose the right company or manufacturer. If you have not yet decided where to purchase, then you better start scouting one. You may browse sites like the and find out how they can help you with your queries. Remember that these cameras are popular today and it is usual for the public to talk about their own opinions. Do not simply rely on what you hear and read. Instead, ask the experts directly to get what you really want to know.

These cameras are basically used for video surveillance by utilizing the system, which is used in analyzing the images as well as audio. These are the data used in order for this camera to recognize objects and humans. AI security cameras are rule-based type because a programmer needs to set some rules about the functions or features of the device. It is also developed based on behavioral analytics, where the machines learn about the behavior of the people and the environment. The said features are truly interesting and it would be great to understand more how this invention works.

Real-Time Preventive Action

Before, detecting intruders are not easy because even if security cameras are used to capture them, the images are not really clear. There are some conditions experienced, such as fog, rains, snow and darkness. Because of the said conditions, too, the image appears blurry and looks like a ghost-like figure. Well, this is because of the frame rate per second as well as the dynamic range the system handles. But now that this feature was enhanced, video analytics were incorporated to detect a better human image at a particular distance and angle.

Without the smart system, even the authorities will find it difficult to identify the culprit using the traditional cameras. But with the latest invention, the authorities as well as the owner of this AI camera will be notified about suspicious behaviors. A recorded video will be sent and this will alarm the people concerned. The authority can clearly watch the recording and dispatches officers to respond immediately. In my opinion, this function is a good way to prevent the authorities from receiving false reports.

Behavioral Analytics in Active Environment

In an environment or place like home, where there are a few or the same people, AI cameras works well. Keep in mind that the latest security cameras have a face recognition feature. Now, if you are going to install this in an active environment, where different person passes by, then it has to recognize thousands of people. With this kind of system, then how can this smart technology identify a culprit, right? And then, it won’t be good, if every unrecognized person will be reported to the authority because that is the one that the authority is preventing to happen.

To overcome and solve this problem, the behavioral analytics was used as a self-learning and a non-rule based system. Through the help of our experts, this AI-powered surveillance camera will learn to classify objects, human beings and events continuously. Let’s say that the camera is just like a human being and observing the environment. As the device does this, the process of classifying, analyzing and recognizing is repeatedly done. This website will give you more info on behavioral analytics.

For example, the camera may look at the people walking, running and crossing along the streets. Of course, these happen every day, so the machine recognizes such movements. But when a person starts climbing or stabbing someone, then that is recognized as different and would be reported to the authority.…

What Is A Cloud-Based Solution

As business seems to be going a mile a minute, there is always a question about how to better the computing experience and not waste time with the small details. The answer to this is simply the use of cloud computing will greatly help a business to narrow down the amount of time that is wasted with tasks that would be better served being automated through the use of a cloud server. The big question that many people will have will be What Is A Cloud-Based Solution? This is a question that has a simple answer to it and once you know what this answer is, you will have a better idea as to how this can help to streamline your business and improve your overall business.

The best way to begin this discussion is to start with the definition as to what this is and exactly it works and can be useful for you in your business. To make it simple this concept refers to any resource that is accessed via the internet that is stored on a third party’s server. This can be simple things like file storage, virtual desktop computers, application to name a few examples. The use of these in business has been growing in popularity over the last few years and as such, more and more companies are taking a lot of their solutions and going to a cloud-based version to streamline things.

This has a large number of benefits that can be enjoyed by the company as well as individuals. One of the biggest benefits is that of being able to save money as well as resources that would have to be tied up locally in order to accomplish even the most basic of procedures. This can free up resources that you might need for a wide range of other things to effectively run your business. So now that we have taken a look at the definition of what cloud business solutions are, we can look at a few examples of this and see how it might be useful for you and your business.


Keeping up with a team of your workers can be difficult at best. It is through the use of cloud-based communication services that you can meet with a team member or the whole team on the other side of the country or even the world. If you have a client that needs to meet with you regarding a project. This can be done easily by meeting with them via a cloud-based communications application. This can speed up the communication process and save some serious time and money trying to meet with clients and getting projects completed.

Being More Productive

These days there is a need to be more productive especially when on the go. Making last minute changes to a project or getting a document ready can make all the difference in the world in helping a person to be productive and get things done even while on the go. There are a million different apps that allow you to be more productive and you will have to find the one that seems to be right for you and your precise needs. The world of business is ever changing and as such, the more that you are able to get done via cloud-based options, then the better off you will be in the long run. Talking to your IT person they will be able to help you to figure out what solutions will be right for you and your business. You will be amazed at the results that you can get with cloud-based solutions.…